Hosting a cookie swap


By no means is the cookie swap limited to the winter holiday season! No sir! It is the greatest excuse to get people under one roof and exchange bars, squares and cookies. So much so that I am often surprised when folks have never heard of such a thing or become nervous when asked if they want to get involved.

Like any swap, it’s rooted in equal opportunity: While you can set a specific number of goodies for each person to bring, you can also ask guests to bring as many cookies as they wish to take – this is useful during holidays when people want to have a lot of cookies around the house.

As an afternoon event, you can serve milk (and coffee and tea), or you can hold the swap as part of a dinner party, with the emphasis on folks taking their goodies home with them. Either way, everyone is likely to leave happy and with some delicious baked goods.

My favourites for swapping are chocolate chip cream cheese cookies (pictured above). What’s your favourite cookie recipe? Or is there a cookie recipe that you’ve come to rely upon someone to make for you?


From Ottawa, Ontario.

Kaitlin Wainwright is an Ontario girl who has found and made her home in Canada's capital. While she prefers salty over sweet, she has been known to drop everything and bake cookies for friends. A historian by day, Kaitlin is intrigued by the relationships we cultivate with our food, socially and culturally. While Ottawa has the reputation of being a haven of bureaucracy, Kaitlin enjoys many of its offerings, particularly the farmer's markets and its proximity to tasty eats on the Quebec side. She blogs regularly at heartful mouthful, posting recipes and other food adventures.

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  1. @amwaters says:

    I wanted to make these for the teenager the other day but didn’t have cream cheese. Do you use the brick or the spreadable cream cheese. Must try!

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