Looking for a great burger in Halifax? Try Darrell’s.

Darrell’s Restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia has been in operation since 1992. It is an unassuming place and one that you might easily walk past but these reviews might convince you otherwise.

Darrell’s can be found at  5576 Fenwick Street off Queen St. near South St. It is a simple diner with green booths and dated decor but looks are deceiving. Originally there was a laundromat downstairs and on the wall upstairs there were a bank of lights corresponding to the machines. You would put in a load of laundry and come upstairs for some refreshment while waiting. The lights are still there:)

The laundromat is long gone and in it’s place is now Darrells “Sports’ Bar, an overflow area for the upstairs restaurant which has simple seating and big menus.

Darrell’s is famous for their award winning burgers and shakes. Even their vegetarian burger is award winning:)

I HAD to try the famous Peanut Butter burger. Such an intriguing idea. Sooooooo glad I did. It was DELICIOUS! Quite a surprise and a great one.

This is what the secret is. A layer of peanut butter on the bun!!! ( and also ketchup,mustard and relish) Sounds so very odd but I tell you it was fantastic. Who knew? I wonder how they discovered it? I loved it and will have it again some time.

My friend chose  the Chicken Barb and it looked yummy too:)

This is their latest burger extravaganza and I bet it is delicious also! The Hen Den Burger:)

I  do recommend a visit here next time you are in Halifax looking for a yummy lunch. It gets busy so come early.

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