Welcome to Foodie.ca

After months of planning, I am delighted to present Foodie.ca, a collaborative effort featuring over 20 authors from across Canada writing about all aspects of food and drink!

First of all, a huge thanks to all the authors who have partnered on this project to bring fabulous articles to you!

But I also want to thank everyone who supported me during the pre-launch, and to everyone who has helped us spread the word. Most of the authors found out about us on Twitter, a few on Facebook, and only one or two through another method – as social media is a key component at the start, you’ll continue to see it play a role in our evolution.

Please let us know what you think, and join in the discussion!

We look forward to bringing you a top notch food website for years to come!


Paul Holmes is co-organizer of Social Media Camp, the largest annual Social Media event in Canada, and the largest technology-related event on Vancouver Island.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Holmes says:

    Please post a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas for the new website. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very excited to read news from across Canada, particularly as it relates to trends. We’re very spoiled on Vancouver Island, I believe. I often wonder if this is the case elsewhere.

  3. nNice. Thanks for the effort creating the multiuser blog across the Canada. I hope many people would join the discussion, sharing and bringing out the top most food and drink websites.n

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