LA: 25 Degrees at 3am? Yes, Please!

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The Roosevelt Hotel is perhaps one of the most famous landmarks in Hollywood. Built in 1927, it has hosted far too many Hollywood functions and celebrity guests (some of whom are rumored to haunt the premises) to mention. It is located on Hollywood Blvd, across the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Jimmy Kimmel Live is a block to the right and CVS Pharmacy is a block to the left, for all your entertainment, snack and beverage needs. Before you resort to chips and Patron in your hotel room, however, I highly recommend you check out 25 Degrees in the hotel lobby.

Open 24 hours, 25 Degrees is an old-school diner with a sexy goth-bordello twist. You won’t see poodle skirts, saddle shoes or jukeboxes (I can’t vouch for a lack of hair grease), but the ambiance is happy and playful. The walls are wine-colored, and crystal chandeliers line the ceiling. It’s like if 50’s pin-up girls decided to open a Soda Shoppe in the Mustang Ranch. Only cleaner, with food… delicious food! My travel buddy and I ended up there around 3am, after an extremely long day that had started at 4am (yes, 23 hours earlier) and had ended with an amazing (but late) Brother Sal show at The Piano Bar.

My friend opted for the grilled three cheese sandwich ($9 – jack, cheddar and emmi gruyere), while I had the fried egg sandwich ($12 – canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and herb aioli). I did attempt some photos, but due to a couple of factors (3am, unfamiliar camera, bad lighting etc.), they were blurs of buns and melted cheese. Instead, enjoy this photo of a burger graciously taken by an acquaintance (who I convinced to check the place out on his recent trip) to get a feel for the scale and presentation:

Photo credit: Jordan Larsen

We ended up back there the following night (yes, at 3am after Brother Sal show #2), but wait! – we switched it up and both opted for the fried egg sandwich (totally different experience – I swear)! OK fine, I get a ‘fail’ in the originality department, but why try to fix what ain’t broke? Had we been in town for another night, there is no doubt we would have returned again (after Brother Sal show #3, of course)! Perhaps it is a good thing I don’t live in Hollywood, since I would probably live at 25 Degrees at 3am eating fried egg sandwiches and that would be sad. Good documentary material, perhaps (go ahead filmmakers – steal my idea), but I wouldn’t be getting bonus points for living a healthy lifestyle… also, Sal and the waitstaff would probably start considering restraining orders.

Speaking of the staff, they were wonderfully friendly and funny (especially considering it was the middle of the night). The portions were colossal, and the music was loud. In short, it was definitely my kind of place! Also, it wasn’t too gimmicky or touristy. Hotel guests, locals and even a celebrity or 3 dined in relative peace and comfort. I did feel a little sorry for the actress that took one mini-bite of the egg sandwich before throwing her napkin over top of the meal and declaring she was “done.” Actually, I felt sorrier for the guy that paid $12 for her to do that – but that’s the price of dating an actress, I guess.

So, if you’re going to be ‘out and about’ in Hollywood until 3am, you may as well get a head-start on the next day by stopping for breakfast at 25 Degrees! That way, when you roll out of bed at 11am you can shower, change and feel somewhat human just in time for a 25 Degree burger, which I also hear is excellent…



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