Blue Fox

Shortly after I moved to Victoria, BC I was introduced to one of Victoria’s most popular restaurants – Blue Fox. Not only do they have great food, they have great value.

Now most times there is a line up outside Blue Fox. Don’t be deterred by this. The efficiency of servers and cooks aids in the ability to get people in and out quickly without feeling rushed. The way the restaurant is set up helps to keep the line moving. Most tables are only two tops which pushed together with their neighbour then becomes a four top. Simple yet so smart. Their hostess is also constantly checking in with the line up, planning out how to get everyone seated and keeps everything flowing smoothly.

Now once you’ve committed yourself to standing in the line I do suggest trying to peak at the menu if you happen to be in line; it’s large with lots of goodies. Despite the number of times I’ve been there I still have trouble deciding. I have never had a breakfast there I didn’t like. Don’t ask me about the other side of the menu, the lunch menu, I’ve never read it. I hear it’s delicious.

Blue Fox breakfast

Mmm... bacon

On my overly indecisive days I go with the Fox’s Grill which comes with three eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato and mushroom and their signature pan fries. Now if you, like myself, enjoy a good eggs benedict you will be delighted to know Blue Fox delivers. In fact they have a number of variations such as the Triceratops with spinach, tomato and feta – my favourite.

Now you may be wondering, what sets Blue Fox apart from all the other breakfast joints in town? Beyond the fresh ingredients, free range eggs and homemade goodness it is their incredible customer service. Even at the busiest of times I have never had to ask for a coffee refill. In fact, they’ve been on the ball so much that I haven’t taken a sip in between offers for a top up! In recent years I’ve entered motherhood and was pleasantly surprised that not only do they offer the traditional crayons and colouring pages; they also have toy dinosaurs (not sure who has more fun playing with them, B or me).

Another nice touch is the way they make Blue Fox feels like home. On the tables, under the plexi-glass table tops lay many drawings on napkins, scrap paper and colour pages; art work given to the restaurant by customers as a thanks for the wonderful food and dining experience.

Bottom line – if you’re looking for good quality home cooking in Victoria, BC don’t be deterred by the line up in front of Blue Fox. It is a testament to how wonderful this restaurant is.

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