A foodie in New York- Part 1

I had such a big culinary buzz in New York and also for the city itself. After visiting almost every big city in United States, at almost 40 years old, I finally went to the Big Apple. I went over it and around it for years, never ended up visiting New York and now after staying there for the long Easter week-end, I just want to go back.  The timing was perfect since the Magnolia trees were blooming in every part of the city.  As a true food lover, I did my homework and chose some cool places to have brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner.  It was easy since NY has so much fit for foodies places to offer.

BUZZ #1:  Eleven Madison park.

This is a high class restaurant located in the Gramercy area.  Everybody who went basically told me it was the best meal they’ve ever had and I can probably say the same. It’s hard to keep an objectivity on the dishes when you get pampered in a lush and classy environment like at Eleven Madison.  There is a crew of 30 motivated chefs in the kitchen, inspired with some words written on the wall they all brainstormed for. (like “vibrant” and “adventurous”). How could we become the best? That is their goal. The 2011 world’s 50 best restaurants list by San Pellegrino just came out last week and Eleven Madison made a big jump from 50th place to 24.  I haven’t had the chance to eat in the top ten list (yet) but I can imagine that at this point, it can’t get much better.  Fresh products, innovative cuisine, service, royal decor,  great wine list (there is even a chariot of champagne)  and a bill that will not make you have a heart attack.  A four course meal is priced at $125 and we ended up getting 5 amuse-bouches and a pre-dessert on top of the four plates.  Here is a few samples of what we got:

Amuse bouche: scallops and tangerine

Asparagus with eggs and cured ham

Foie gras with pineapple chutney and brioche


It was just WOW all the way. Every plate is a piece of art and the tastes were amazingly new and fresh. It was my first
night in NY so I was thinking it could only go downhill from here, but I was wrong.

For more pics on Eleven Madison, see post on my blog :


Buzz #2: Momofuku ssam bar

This place is totally different from Eleven park and yet a must food experience. You probably figure that “Momofuku” calls for Japanese cuisine. It means “lucky peach.” It’s a casual place where they won’t take reservations so we showed up thinking we’d just have to go early to have a chance to get in. The plan was to order appetizers and cocktails then hit another place for dinner.  The plan did not work because we were so amazed by the food and we liked the place so much we ended up having a whole meal.  I guess you have to like Asian cuisine a bit and be open to different tastes but the four of us would go back there in a heartbeat. TOTALLY a must!!

We literally let the waitress (who was a true sunshine) to tell us what we should order. No disappointment.

I went crazy for the Fuji apple kimchi served with some spicy cream and bacon. Fresh and crispy. The pork buns are to die for, both of them. (bar buns and steamed buns) The aromas coming out of the fish ball hot pot was amazing and I think everybody’s favorite was the spicy pork sausage and rice cakes. Those little cakes would compare to Italian gnocchis but more dense, and probably packed with fat, but sooo good!

Fuji Apple Kimchi

Steamed buns with pork belly

Spicy pork sausage and rice cakes

For more pics on Momofuku, see post on my blog:
Nadine Denault


From Montréal, Québec

I define myself as a true foodie, although that word has lost popularity lately being associated with "arrogance" and even "hate" from some chefs. I have been nearly obsessed with food all my life, always seeking for new tastes and better ones. My true definition of "best times" always involves a good meal and drinks shared with good company.

Some people remember songs or what people were wearing at certain times of their life. I remember what everybody was eating and drinking and that has been driving some people nuts over the years. I always book my trips according to where I want to go eat and that, also, some might find annoying but I can't help it. I live through what I eat. Over the years, I have been spending serious bucks on food, I spend hours reading magazines and recipe books, and I will go the extra mile to find that special ingredient when I entertain at home and cook.

Now I find myself having fun writing about my experiences with food; my quest for the perfect dish. Is this not what it is all about? Finding the taste that will knock you off your feet with the perfect wine pairing? This being said, I am an amateur, never worked in the food industry but I think my experiences are worth sharing. So, here I am.

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