From a whole in the wall on the almost dead block of View Street came the most fantastic BBQ pulled pork I have ever had.  Pig BBQ Joint is one of two restaurants I know that came from this closet like eatery and now has grown to two locations – Colwood Corners and the Atrium.

I feel that it is necessary to warn people to bring their appetite (or a friend) when dining at Pig.  The name not only describes their specialty but also describes the type of appetite required to eat their large portions.  I attempted to eat an order of Pulled Pork Poutine but halfway through gave up and I had help from a toddler who eats as much as I do!   I truly wasn’t expecting such a large portion for $9 but definitely got my money’s worth.  Next time I’ll bring a friend to share poutine with (this round the guys thought they needed their own – they were wrong).

Now I must admit that when I noticed a ‘Pig’ corn dog for $6.50 I thought the price was way too high.  That was until I saw the size of the corn dog.  It isn’t meant for a kids; it’s meant to be eaten by the kid at heart!  It did look tasty and my two dining companions seemed to gobble them up.

But what truly makes this succulent, juicy pulled pork better than the rest is the Pig Sauce.  I don’t know exactly what’s in it but it’s the only BBQ sauce that I would actually drink it’s so good.  The perfect balance of sweet and tang it takes a great pulled pork and makes it divine.

For those that don’t like pork rumour has it that Pig also has a mean beef brisket and offers chicken but I’ve been unable to get past the pulled pork sandwich and pulled pork poutine – the reasons I go to Pig.

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