Provençal Tuna


Provençal Tuna

Provençal Tuna

In my continuing effort to maintain a healthy diet, I try and have fish at least twice a week. Sometimes this can be a challenge. Because seriously, how many different ways are there to cook a piece of fish? Many, actually! It just takes a little effort and the desire to do it.  I really love cooking tuna as I find it as close a replacement to a piece of grilled steak as you can get, without actually having the grilled steak. Don’t get me wrong – nothing says outdoors to me like a barbecued steak. However, today is not steak day, it’s fish day.

I like to season the tuna with only salt and pepper and rub it with a little oil. Tuna steaks are very lean and will stick to your grill, forming a molecular bond you would not think possible between proteins and metal. So trust me on this – a little oil will save you much aggravation. Next, I like to prepare a room temperature relish/sauce to go on the tuna once it has been cooked. This makes it easy to change up. I’m sure many of you have jars of pickled stuff in your fridge that you don’t know what to do with it. Make a relish for your fish! Last night’s experiment was delicious – relatively quick (took 45 minutes start to finish) and easy. You could use another type fish, like salmon, in this recipe or another grill-worthy fish (meaning, it won’t fall apart when you try and flip it over).

Serves 2

2 tuna steaks, rubbed with a little oil and seasoned with salt and pepper

1 tablespoon of capers

½ cup of quartered cherry tomatoes

1 clove of garlic, finely chopped (not minced as it is too potent for this recipe)

1 tablespoon of chopped parsley

½ tablespoon of mild vinegar (I used tomato vinegar, but white wine vinegar would be great)

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons of Herbes de Provençe*

Salt and pepper to taste

Combine relish ingredients in a bowl and let sit while preparing the tuna.

Cook tuna to your liking (rare to medium rare is my preference), then top with ‘relish’ and serve.

Note: If you do not have Herbes de Provençe, you can use a mixture of dried herbs like thyme, rosemary, savoury, basil, fennel and oregano.


From Ottawa, Ontario

My food roots are from the Caribbean. I have many memories of my mother's Bajan cooking and my father's Trinidadian Sunday morning cook-ups. I like to try to impart these flavours and influences in my own dishes.

My food style is simple, fresh, and has a flair of creativity, which I try and incorporate when creating my own recipes. I love trying more challenging fare, but can appreciate the simplicity in a humble, well balanced dish.

Some of my favourite culinary experiences to date include enjoying a traditional South African dinner in a Boma while on safari; eating shark & bake on Maracas Beach in Trinidad; devouring a plate of freshly caught crab in Punta Arenas, Chile; and enjoying a perfectly grilled steak over a campfire.

During my spare time, whether at home or around the world, I can be found at a local market sourcing out new ingredients, concocting fascinating new dishes in the kitchen, or trying new fare at local restaurants to add to my blog My Macaroni Pie.

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