Bread, I love you

French Toast

French Toast

I often ask myself what is the food item I could never live without. It happens a lot when I am eating something fabulous and it is usually something pretty simple. I did a mini survey among my Facebook friends and my twitter followers to find out, without surprise, that “Pastas” were the most popular.  I don’t know anyone who will say “I don’t eat pasta” unless you are on a diet and you’ve banished potatoes, pastas and bread off your menu. (Boring, boring, boring)

I have to admit that pasta is in my top 5. It’s good with almost anything and we love it since we are kids. Excellent comfort food but there is one thing that is beating it for sure for me: BREAD!! Oh! yes bread. And there is only one person that came up with it in my survey, along with those who named chocolate as the food they could not live with (come on!, sugar beasts)  After reading my ode to bread, you will surely change your mind and come on my side.  Here are a few reasons why I came up with bread as the top, without any doubt.

Reason #1. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Who eats spaghetti or chocolate for breakfast? Ok. this one is easy. We need toasts with eggs, even if it’s just to dip in the yolks.  A simple peanut butter (or else) and toasts makes a great weekday breakfast. Eggs Benedict or french toast could not exist and head cheese would look sorry without any bread to go with it.  Great crostinis with cocktails are perfect and bread pudding makes a good dessert. Bread at every meal.

Homemade brunch

Homemade brunch

Reason #2 CHEESE

Do I have to say more here? Cheese lovers will just admit they need bread. The end of bread would mean the end of grilled cheese and that is not possible. What else can we eat that is so satisfying when there is nothing in the fridge. Leftovers of any cheese will get their life back with a little bread. Amen!  French culture brought fashionably to our habits eating dinner off a baguette and cheeses too and we are happy about it.

Reason #3  Side dish

I know so far 75% of you are all convinced but I can keep going. I am not out of arguments.  Jesus proved it ages ago: Bread and wine goes together.  Have you ever attended a Wine and cheese tasting where there were no bread? Would you eat a beef bourguignon without bread to dip in the wine sauce? Bread with pesto, bread with liver pâté, you can’t have naked pâté, you need the bread.  Again. Too easy, goes with everything. Can’t have bananas in your pastas or corn with chocolate tough.  Nah.

Reason #4 Cheap and Satisfying

How many times a week your kids leave with a sandwich in their lunchbags? You know they won’t be hungry after that and the possibilities are endless to make a great sandwich. We went from bologna and mustard to grilled paninis with roasted peppers but the sandwich culture is wide and well anchored in our society. Plus, it doesn’t need any cooking so it’s perfect for picnics. Without bread there are no sandwiches and I almost forgot all the burger lovers who definitely cannot eliminate bread from their lives.

Pork cheeseburgers

Pork cheeseburgers

Reason #5: Variety

This argument is good to the chocolate camp ones but sorry pasta people, there is no lavender pastas or caramel ones.  Pita, ciabatta, baguette, sunflower seeds, olive, nut bread. Ahh, there is so much choices you can never get bored.  Even the simple soft white sandwich bread finds is way to my home for some uses (egg sandwiches for example).

So, Bread, I love you. There I said it. Are you convinced yet?

NB. My ode to potatoes will come soon since its almost equal to bread in my heart.

Lobster Roll

Nadine Denault


From Montréal, Québec

I define myself as a true foodie, although that word has lost popularity lately being associated with "arrogance" and even "hate" from some chefs. I have been nearly obsessed with food all my life, always seeking for new tastes and better ones. My true definition of "best times" always involves a good meal and drinks shared with good company.

Some people remember songs or what people were wearing at certain times of their life. I remember what everybody was eating and drinking and that has been driving some people nuts over the years. I always book my trips according to where I want to go eat and that, also, some might find annoying but I can't help it. I live through what I eat. Over the years, I have been spending serious bucks on food, I spend hours reading magazines and recipe books, and I will go the extra mile to find that special ingredient when I entertain at home and cook.

Now I find myself having fun writing about my experiences with food; my quest for the perfect dish. Is this not what it is all about? Finding the taste that will knock you off your feet with the perfect wine pairing? This being said, I am an amateur, never worked in the food industry but I think my experiences are worth sharing. So, here I am.

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