Best Buffet in Las Vegas – For Vegetarians Too!

WickedSpoon_Dessert_BarTonight I had the pleasure of eating at The Wicked Spoon buffet in Las Vegas. I am here on a girl’s trip with a close friend, and we are both big fans of the ‘all you can eat’ restaurant scene. However, it is a well known fact among buffet-goers that sometimes you end up sacrificing quality and flavour for quantity. In my research I found that the Wicked Spoon is the best buffet in town, and it’s located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel (brand new since Dec. 2010). By total fluke, we are actually staying here! So, on our second to last day of the trip we made it in for dinner (hours for dinner are currently 5-9pm. Check their website to make sure).  I’m SO glad we went – and a little sad that we didn’t try it sooner in our trip!!! It was $35 for dinner, and this includes filtered water but no other drinks (an average glass of wine was $10).

OK – so now the details of the experience…

My friend eats some meat, but I’m a vegetarian, so I was a little worried that I might need to eat heaps of salad and dessert to get my money’s worth. That was SO far from the case!!! I had two heaping piles of food and a full plate of dessert – and I could’ve filled my plate again with all new things if I had had room.
The first thing that impressed me was the décor – it had the ambiance of a sit-down dinner, and the food was very nicely displayed.

When I went up for salad I expected to grab some ceasar salad and mixed greens and then return to my seat, disappointed with the lack of options and culinary creativity. Not so this time! There was asparagus salad, beet with goat cheese and arugula(or some similar green) salad , basil pesto penne with cherry tomatoes, orzo salad of some description (yummy!)…a completely full plate of delicious, fresh and satisfying vegetarian food! There were tons of cheeses and breads (at least 8 kinds of bread) which I avoided but they looked lovely (why fill up on nutrient-deficient fluff, right?).

Next we moved on to the hot foods – of which there were SO many options! For meat eaters you’ve got crab, sausages, beef, lamb, pork and chicken galore in all sorts of arrangements. For us vegetarians (and the meat eaters too) we have the macaroni and cheese station where you choose the veggies and cheeses to add to a simmering pan of  yumminess tossed by the chef (be sure to ask for salt or else it is VERY bland – and eat it quickly – the cheese gloms together otherwise).  There was wood fired pizza, sushi, curry (too spicy for me – which means it’s REALLY spicy) and roasted veggies, green beans with pine nuts, marscapone polenta with mushrooms (oh YEAH baby! That was good) and a bunch of other options.

Now my favourite part – the dessert bar! I said to my friend that the dessert bar looked like the Murchie’s display case (back home in Victoria, BC). Let’s see – there was fudge, chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and red velvet cake. There were miniature pastries, mousses, and butter tarts. A make-your-own strawberry shortcake station. And best of all – an all you can eat gelato station!!! OMG! It was heaven. I couldn’t even believe it. I am used to paying $5.50 for a cup of gelato in the tourist town I reside in, so to be able to fill up on it was amazing! (Though I actually behaved myself – I was too full from all the yummy dinner items).

In sum, this buffet gets my FULL endorsement. We are going to try and fit in a breakfast buffet before we leave. Viva Las Vegas buffets!!



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