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Ross Bay Pub | 7 – 1516 Fairfield Rd. | Victoria, BC | 250-370-1152

“I have been here probably 10 times and have never had a bad meal or bad service. And I get something different every time, although I usually get the special.” My Mom must have said that 3 times during today’s foodie adventure to the Ross Bay Pub.

Outdoor fireplace at Ross Bay Pub, Victoria

Outdoor fireplace

We had spent the morning at Ross Bay Villa and Ross Bay Cemetery, so we needed to complete the Ross trifecta… (I should also probably mention that we are both Ross descendants. So yes, it was a very Ross-y day!) The pub, however, is what truly made me proud to be a ‘Ross’ today.

We opted to sit outside on the patio. Immediately, I decided it was one of my favorite patios in town; private and surrounded by flowers, trellises and  fireplaces. It also boasts some of the comfiest outdoor patio furniture I have ever sat on.

The special today was a turkey deli-style sandwich on sourdough bread with cauliflower and bacon soup for $9.95. Mom didn’t even look at a menu after hearing that.

Daily Special: Turkey on Sourdough with Cauliflower and Bacon Soup, $9.95.

Daily Special: Turkey on Sourdough with Cauliflower and Bacon Soup, $9.95.

I decided to try something off the menu, since I have only been to this pub about 3 times and wanted to get more familiar with what they usually offer. I decided on the chicken, blackberry and brie burger for $13. I, too, chose the cauliflower and bacon soup as my side.

The service was excellent. The waitress was so friendly and ‘real.’ Her voice didn’t go up 18 octaves while asking us if we wanted water, she didn’t interrupt our conversation and she brought us more coffee cream without us having to ask… sometimes it’s the small details… 🙂

So here comes the serendipitous part: see the bun that my burger came on? I had a dream about that bun earlier this week.

Honest! A number of months ago, I was in a local coffee shop with a co-worker and we each bought a sandwich on that bun. I tried to get her to remember the other day:

“Do you remember the bun those sandwiches came on? From that place down by the Eaton’s across from Howie’s restaurant?” (Translation for you non-Victorians or recent transplants: the buns are sold at Macchiato Caffe, on the corner of Broad and Broughton. Located a block from the Bay Centre, on the other side of the street from Pagliacci’s).

Chicken, Blackberry and Brie Burger with Cauliflower and Bacon Soup, $13. Also? THE BUN!

Chicken, Blackberry and Brie Burger with Cauliflower and Bacon Soup, $13. Also? THE BUN!

She didn’t really remember, but she pretended to know what I was talking about (and that it wasn’t weird to dream about a bun you ate 6 months prior). She mentioned that they buns were probably made at a local bakery; “You should ask next time you’re in that cafe.”

I agreed and decided that I would make an effort to visit the cafe again to find the source of the buns… which brings me to my surprise today as the waitress placed the plate in front of me:


I did a double-take and started excitedly telling my Mom about my dream and how the bun from my dream was now in front of me when I was least expecting it and (insert all sorts of crazy talk about buns and “cafes by Eaton’s”)…

“Well, maybe it’s confirmation you’re on the right path today,” was her response. She rarely encourages my crazy talk, although I know she always believes me.

"The bun"

Here it is again!

I thought about it for a minute, then I let myself believe it, too.

After all, I had spent the morning silently wondering if my ancestors knew that we were standing on their property, 150 years later (I was on the lookout for their ghosts the whole time). I wandered the grounds looking for a “sign” that I figured only a direct descendant would pick up on – I mean, there’s got to be some sort of bloodline energy, right?  Like that thing twins get when one of them gets hurt and the other one feels it… So who am I to say that my great-grandmother (x3), Isabella, didn’t make me dream about a bun and then make me go on a quest to find it again, only to have it served to me at the Ross Bay Pub on my perfect little “Ross Family Day?”

I think it means she wants me to keep coming back to visit. She definitely wants me to be happy and eat delicious food on a gorgeous patio in the sunshine. And obviously she knew that I couldn’t resist the thought of blackberries and brie on a chicken burger. Them ghosts is tricky! 😉

But seriously, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the “Ross trifecta.” Trust me (I’m not really crazy).


For the record, the buns are made at Portofino Bakery here in Victoria. I just looked it up (like a normal person would have done to begin with).





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