Ghoul Ade Martini

Ghoul Ade Martini

Ghoul Ade Martini

Yes…it looks like dirty, spooky, mucky swamp water…but it tastes FABULOUS…

1 Ounce Vodka
1 Ounce Hpnotiq
1 Ounce Orange Juice (pulp free)
2 Ounces Grape Juice

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice, shake well and strain into a martini glass. Can also be served on ice, or made up ahead of time as a FaBOOsh punch.

Feel free to leave out the alcohol and you have the perfect treat for the little trickers…

Cheers and have a Happy and Safe Halloween…

Dee Brun
The Cocktail Deeva


Award Winning Author, Libations of Life, A Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time. Resident Cocktail’ista on The Steven and Chris show on CBC. Home entertaining columnist Toronto Star & Cocktail Chef & Stylist, Menu Development, Home Entertaining Guru, writer, humorist, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic, borderline George Clooney stalker..hmm what else...I am old enough to remember making “Mixed Tapes” from the radio...My fave vacation spot is anywhere with a beach bar...and when I grow up I want to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City and marry George Clooney...IT COULD HAPPEN!

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