The 10 best new restaurants in Canada

Fantastic lobster tart at le Comptoir in Montreal

Fantastic lobster tart at le Comptoir in Montreal

Each year, the November issue of en Route magazine (Air Canada) is publishing their top ten of new restaurants across Canada. Their tester/ journalist is proposed with a bunch of venues to try out in every major cities by a panel of food critics and bloggers from different areas.  I am always looking forward to that list because I think it always nails down the best places to go and it is very nice for travelers as well as for locals who missed the new hot spot.

So here is what they came up for 2011. (note that the new restaurants openings happened between june 2010 and july 2011 in order )


#1.  Raymonds. St-Johns, NB

#2. Hawksworth. Vancouver, BC

#3. L’Abattoir. Vancouver, BC

#4. Les 400 coups. Montreal, QC

#5. Ici Bistro. Toronto, ON

#6. Van Horne. Montreal, Qc

#7. Campagnolo. Toronto, ON

#8. Le Comptoir charcuteries & vins. Montreal, Qc

#9. Ulla. Victoria, BC

#10. Corso 32. Edmonton, AB

Great desserts are served at Les 400 coups in Montreal

Great desserts are served at Les 400coups in Montreal


Of course, I always look for who will make it on that famous list from my city. I agree with the 3 choices that made it this year from Montreal. They are well worth going and and they well deserved it. I was disapointed to see that the one place that created an extreme buzz from the opening and still is one of my favorite spots is missing: Le Filet.  I would recommend you put that one at #11 and make sure you go if you are passing by Montreal .


Fluke with japanese plum is a favorite at Le Filet


For the full article in the enRoute magazine :






Nadine Denault


From Montréal, Québec

I define myself as a true foodie, although that word has lost popularity lately being associated with "arrogance" and even "hate" from some chefs. I have been nearly obsessed with food all my life, always seeking for new tastes and better ones. My true definition of "best times" always involves a good meal and drinks shared with good company.

Some people remember songs or what people were wearing at certain times of their life. I remember what everybody was eating and drinking and that has been driving some people nuts over the years. I always book my trips according to where I want to go eat and that, also, some might find annoying but I can't help it. I live through what I eat. Over the years, I have been spending serious bucks on food, I spend hours reading magazines and recipe books, and I will go the extra mile to find that special ingredient when I entertain at home and cook.

Now I find myself having fun writing about my experiences with food; my quest for the perfect dish. Is this not what it is all about? Finding the taste that will knock you off your feet with the perfect wine pairing? This being said, I am an amateur, never worked in the food industry but I think my experiences are worth sharing. So, here I am.

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