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Food-related parties, formulating menus, celebration-related food, and everything else that goes into making a successful food experience when inviting guests to your home.

Okanagan Wine Tours 0

Okanagan Wine Tours

This year my family decided to take a little getaway to the Okanagan. Although I haven’t spent much time in the Okanagan, I am very familiar with the reputation the area has for being...

Tortilla Española 1

Tortilla Española

While the biggest drawback to brunch is that one often must get up early to make it happen, the biggest advantage to brunch is cocktails in the noontime and naps in the last hour...

Inject Some Flavour 1

Inject Some Flavour

One year we deep fried our holiday turkey.  It was wonderful, crispy, dark brown, moist, delicious, I could go on… Plus the bonus that it only took 45 minutes for a 12-lb turkey. Instead...

Hosting a cookie swap 4

Hosting a cookie swap

By no means is the cookie swap limited to the winter holiday season! No sir! It is the greatest excuse to get people under one roof and exchange bars, squares and cookies. So much...

Fundraising with Food 1

Fundraising with Food

image with permission from and thanks to I remember my first foray into food fundraising. I was six years old and it was the Girl Guides who got me. Door to door, I went,...

Simple Occasions On A Budget 1

Simple Occasions On A Budget

We have all been there, or maybe just me…? It was 48 hours before a bridal shower that I promised I would throw months ago (honestly, can I really be held responsible for something...