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Pesto in a small bowl 0

Tarragon Pesto

Tarragon has a delicate anise-like flavour and is a key part of French cooking. It is often paired with chicken, in Bernaise sauce, with vegetables and with mild fish. We made fresh halibut poached...

Gone Crackers 2

Gone Crackers

Today I was snacking on a new batch of home-made crackers and thought I’d share one of my favorite snacks with you.  I’ve made crackers for all sorts of parties and they seem quite...

Really Officer, it’s just Oregano! 1

Really Officer, it’s just Oregano!

I was recently recalling a bonus find on our trip to Mexico years ago. We were at a huge grocery store called Chedraui, in Cancun and I couldn’t believe the bounty of stuff available....